Thursday, October 27, 2011

More wedding DIY and crafts-Part 2

Welcome to my final wedding DIY post! Soon, I will also have a recap of our big day with some photos you haven't yet seen.
Reception: At night, with deep and dark colors, more of a romantic feel.
Centerpieces-These are the reception centerpieces we created using the wedding centerpiece tutorial I shared with you earlier this week. This one has the little beaded strings and candle holder I was telling you about. 
Favor Candleholders-We designed these at home, using our theme of manzanita branches and printed them on Avery Clear Full-Sheet Labels. They stick right to the frosted candle holder. We also included a battery-operated tea-light for our guests to take home. If you decide to go this route, make sure use a ruler to flatten it onto the glass, so there are no bubbles. We chose these candle holders because they are not tapered and the paper can lay flat.

Placecards-We found some great illustrations online and printed them on the same stationary as our invites. The we took a sparkly paper from Michael's, cut it into 4 slices and glued it to the top. We found out the hard way you can't glue something on top of glitter paper!Bride and groom chair markers-These were very simple. I bought the hearts and letters at Michael's. I painted the hearts purple and laid a cut piece of textured purple paper on top, to give it some extra dimension. Then I glued the pre-painted letters on top. I stapled some satin ribbon i cut on the back to tie around the chairs. You can hide the staples by leaving a little extra ribbon after the staples, folding it on top of itself and gluing.


  1. Such unique ideas - I especially love the place cards
    Looks like it was a magical evening :)


  2. Thanks! It really was! David takes the credit for the place cards. It was his idea for the constellations, but I loved his idea too.