Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Simple Centerpiece DIY

David and I originally made this centerpiece for our reception and our ceremony. Now a simpler version sits on our dining room table, since we loved it so much. Create this simple centerpiece for an elegant wedding or even Thanksgiving! It's so simple and very inexpensive. You only need a few supplies and I'll show you what and where to get them. 
Photo by ee-photography

This centerpiece flanks each side of our altar. We used the darker version of branches for the ceremony and sand blasted for our reception.

Here's what you'll need:
1. Clear glass vase-This is from Hobby Lobby. I just picked it up at the store. I waited for them to go 40% off though, woot! It's about 8 inches tall. Any vase will do though, just make sure it's tall enough for the branch to be stable.
2. Sand-This is from Michael's. They have lots of colors. This is called sage green.
3. Preserved orchids-These are real! We chose the color "Purple Mauve." Perhaps a little redundant? These came from Save-on-crafts, which is an awesome online store! They really have great prices (except the Manzanita!). These orchids come in so many colors and they have other great preserved flowers too. Great quality stuff.
4. Manzanita branches-We bought the ones from Blooms & Branches. We chose 18" ones. You can buy them in bulk or singles. They have the best prices that I've found, including shipping. You have to really watch out for shipping on these, it can run high at some places. You can also sometimes get these at the florist, but it was hard to come by for me.

How to make it:
1. Step 1 and step 2 are pretty interchangeable. It just depends on how you like working. First place the sand in the vase. Then wiggle the branch into the sand. This is all the support you will need. It stays very well in just sand.
2. Use hot glue to place the orchids into a "V" in the branches. You'll have plenty. it just makes a nice place for the flower to site securely. You won't really be able to see the hot glue, but if you want a pretty arrangement from all sides you can glue another flower to the other side of the first one. We glued 3-4 orchids per branch, but we had other decorations on them as well. 
3. Ta-da! That's it! But, we wanted to add some extras to ours. Customize it however you want:
    a) We added candle holders with fake tea lights. Use a chain to secure the candle holder    
    or buy something pre-made to hang. 
    b) We also added little iridescent beaded strings. Our friend hand strung these, thanks  
    Cari! She used different beads of varying sizes. Larger chandelier crystals would look  
    fantastic also.
    c) For the reception we tied a ribbon around the vase and tied a bow.
    d) For the ceremony we took a large square of satin fabric and tied a contrasting ribbon  
    around it.


  1. For my sister's wedding I took a branch and put it in floral foam in the bottom of a pot. Then I spray painted it white and covered the foam with moss...SO EASY, and it turned out to be a great money tree at the reception!

    These are beautiful too! I love the candles!

  2. Very cool! That sounds pretty. Thanks! No need to pay a florist lots of money, right? :-)

  3. Looks fantastic! I bought 6 manzanita branches to make something similar for our wedding, but I ended up not doing it. I sold five and kept one after the wedding.

  4. so beautiful! I am SO not handy like that, but I sure can appreciate! I'm very good at appreciating!

  5. Chelsea-I have a lot of stuff that I didn't use for the wedding either. Including 2 veils. Cheap cheap ones though! However, at least I didn't go the route of one of my friends, she bought three dresses!

    You're too funny, Lauren!