Thursday, October 27, 2011

More wedding DIY and crafts-Part 1

Welcome to the last day of wedding DIY! This is just a miscellaneous assortment of some of the smaller DIY's we crafted for our wedding. We had a very do-it-yourself wedding, indeed! I think we took on a bit too much really. But, it turned out great. Here is a list of some of the things we did as well as some tips.
Ceremony: We wanted a light, airy and nature theme.
1. Hanging flowers-We came up with this idea and David's mom worked hard to make it for us! She strung some flower petals on clear string that I had taken apart from a multi-layered flower. It was kind of like a hydrangea, but bigger. 
2. Aisle lanterns-We bought these cute little lanterns on Ebay. They came in a back of 10 for a really good price. Again, fake tea-lights in case someone knocks them over, which I did! We also laid rose petals on the aisle runner. The aisle runner is from Save-on-crafts.
3. Chair decor-These are some fake orchids we found at Michael's pretty last minute. We snipped them into smaller sections and David tied them around the chiavari chair ends. He even tied the little bows! Awww! First, you have to secure these with wire. Just wrap it around the top part of the chair.
4. Ceremony cards-I designed these using the artwork I made for our wedding invitations. Same paper as well. These are a bit simpler though! Our ushers handed them out at the door.
5. Veil and hair clip-This veil is from Michael's! After spending lots of money on my dress, I didn't want to spend $200 on a piece of fabric. Plus, I wanted a birdcage veil. I didn't really think the long ones went with the style of my dress. I made the hair clip using leftover petals from when my dress was altered. I sewed them in the middle, attached an alligator clip and sewed a small vintage earring (without the back!) on top. It was easy to sew on since there are tiny spaces between the leaves.
6. Belt-My dress already came with a belt. I just jazzed it up a bit. I found this great applique on Etsy. I just glued it on to some pin backs and pinned it on the belt. Easy!
7. Boutonni√®res-These were so easy to make. I wish the bouquet's were this easy! I used a feather pick and tiny white center buds from Hobby Lobby and the same "diamond" pick, template and ribbon that I talked about on my wedding bouquet DIY . Then, they were stuck on the boys with the "diamond" stick pins I used on my bouquet.

But wait, there's more! Later on today I will have the rest of our DIY's from the reception.

All photos by ee photography


  1. Wow - this is really amazing photography. This fits perfectly into your blog topic. Well done! Your BYW fellow student, Igor, xoxo

  2. Totally impressed with your diy hair fascinator! I'm styling a shoot next month and have been looking to purchase one for my "bride" but they're all so expensive! I would love to make one myself and now I've got tips on how, thanks! -Fellow BYW'er (current blog, the one with my sign on is old:

  3. Thanks guys! I know, they are so expensive! That's why I was determined to make one, but I had no idea what do. I was lucky my seamstress kept my petals!

  4. Oh my goodness lady....have you considered this as a business...your DIY's are great! You should at least do up an e-book with all of these great tips and tutorials...seriously! As if you made your own bouquet! Awesome!

  5. Thank you Kinga, that is very sweet! If only I had time for an e-book, lol. Maybe I'll put that on my to-do list though.