Friday, October 28, 2011

Wedding week wrap-up-all the little details and more

The dress: Jacklyn by Alyne from the Spring 2001 colletion.
The shoes: Rampage, bought from DSW for $13!!!
The jewelry: This is vintage, borrowed from my mom.
The rings: His and hers.
The music: We had a guitar player for the ceremony and cocktail hour. We had a DJ for the reception. Our guitarist played "Oh my Love" by John Lennon while guests were being seated, "Storybook Love" from Princess Bride for the bridal party entrance and "Canon in D" of course for the bride's entrance.
The ceremony: And here's proof that we actually did it. I was crying the whole time so this is about the best pic I could do!
The dance: Not really our first dance, but my favorite picture.

The cake smashing: We had to do something cheesy and expected of course.

The cake: The colors aren't right, we didn't have blue...However, it tasted great and they are the nicest people to work with. They made sure the design was exactly what we wanted. It's from Frosted Art Bakery in Dallas.  
The food: The mashed potato martini bar was my favorite. It even came with a fun distraction of all the stacked martini glasses coming to a crashing end.
The cheesiest flutes I could find: David was kind of horrified. Hehehe. :-)
The goodbye!
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  1. Your dress is stunning. SO BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Thanks so much Stephanie! I was so nervous to show David, but he loved it too! I almost caved a few times before the wedding and showed him.

  3. Such a lovely wedding! I have to agree that the picture of the two of you under the chandelier is pretty fabulous. The last one is awfully cute, too! What a wonderful, memorable event! I imagine all your personal touches made it so much more special. Beautiful!

  4. Thanks sweet posy! There was this stair case leading to the fancy schmancy rooms and that's where we took the chandelier ones. Yeah, we made our wedding great while they people at the hotel did their best to ruin it. So, we were very happy with it. :-)