Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The story of how we met, Part 2

After a brief online correspondence, we talked on the phone a couple of times and I brought up meeting in person. I wanted to get this thing going. I thought he was nice, but he really didn't seem all that interested in me. I honestly didn't think he would be the one. He had once said, "You know I'm 29, right?" I thought that meant I was too young and immature for him. And here I thought I was just quirky. This weekend, I asked David about his seemingly lack of interest in me on the phone. He said he was just jaded from the whole experience of online dating. He'd been doing this a little longer than me and my wide-eyed innocence of 2 months of online dating. Afterall, he was waiting for me, he just didn't know it yet.

I met David on a freezing and ice covered December 15th, 2007. It was so cold, I wasn't even able to wear the dress that always guarantees me a second date. It was my lucky dress and it turns out I didn't need it afterall. I arrived at the train station to "pick him up". My first impression of him was watching him come down the escalators. I was so nervous. I knew it was him as soon as I saw him. He looked just like his photo and was even wearing the same coat! I felt weird and awkward, but he said the moment he saw me he was really happy and excited.

We went on our first date to a little Italian restaurant a few blocks away from where I lived, called Mia Francesca. We were both very clumsy. I slipped on the ice and David almost fell out of his bar chair. I had him order me wine, since I really didn't know anything about it at the time. He was so sweet and very complimentary throughout our date. He was a gentlemen, by far the kindest guy I'd been out with so far. He opened doors for me (can you imagine? snort. becoming harder to find these days.), pulled out my chair and made sure I was taken care of. We didn't have reservations so they sat us in this back room (in December) where the door wouldn't stay closed. It was freezing. But otherwise, it was a really nice meal and David even said, "Wow, you are really pretty." Tee hee.

After dinner, we both weren't ready for the date to be over. David was so smooth. He said, "Well, if we were in Evanston I'd suggest we go to my apartment to watch a movie." Uh huh. I see where this is going. Well, I did something that probably wasn't my best idea, just in case he was a mass murderer. I said, "Well, I guess we could go to my apartment and watch a movie." So, we did. And I made him watch America's Sweethearts. Which he hated and I still love. And that is all that happened, I promise! Except I did let him kiss me. Just a couple of times.

And then two dates later, he was my boyfriend. Two years later he became my fiance. And one year and some change, we were married. And yesterday we celebrated our one year anniversary. Something that started out

I was really lucky to only go through only a couple of foul guys and only 2 months of online dating to find the man I was going to marry. But, it was worth all the years I had to wait beforehand to find him. I am thankful for that now. But for a while, I didn't want to tell anyone we met online. Now, I have no problem telling people we met online. It's so common and frankly now I don't care what anyone else thinks. I met my husband there and you can't dispute that's a good thing. 

 One of our favorite engagement pictures by Cari Wible Photography


  1. Such a sweet story. A gentleman -- he sounds like a keeper for sure. So happy for the two of you.

  2. Oh my goodness, such a sweet story! I love hearing about how people met!

  3. I approved when I realized he was smart enough to suck up to me(your BFFFFFE) Upgraded seats to Wicked!! What a KEEPER!!! And very sweet!!!

  4. Oh! I just read both parts to your story and HOW LOVELY! It made me so happy! I just love the picture of the two of you, and you talk of meeting with such sweetness. Many, many happy years ahead dears. xo

  5. May you have many more wonderful years ahead of you.
    So lovely! Glad you didn't have to date any more losers though!

  6. Thanks everyone! He definitely is a keeper. Especially since I married him...he's not going anywhere.

    Lol Leah, me too!! I had enough losers in my day and I didn't even date that much.

    Thank you Lauren, that is so sweet!

  7. That is a really beautiful photo of you, and story. I like that D. is just peeking out from behind. I agree, you should find no problem in telling people how you two met. It's a beautiful story. I have suggested this method to a friend, but she has brushed it off as something she can't do. I'm going to tell her about your success story (point her to these two posts). Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Theresa! I don't think our story is really very special and I was wondering if I should even post it, lol. I completely understand her feelings though. I just had to get to the point where I realized I wasn't meeting single men anywhere else. Maybe she'll have some sort of realization that will make her try it.