Thursday, March 8, 2012

How to make mini treat pennants

To show my love of pennants, I created this simple DIY for mini ribbon pennants to stick in brownies, cupcakes and other party treats. Here's what you'll need: toothpicks, 1/2" wide ribbon, tissue paper, tape and glue.
How To:
1. Cut your tissue paper into 1" by 2" rectangles. 
2. Fold it in half, then half again, then half again. Cut along the seam and well as down the center. Don't cut all the way through, you want to leave a little bottom strip to wrap around the toothpick.
3. Open it up and cut the middle any strips that you didn't get. There should only be one or two. You should have little fringey strips.
4. Wrap the bottom of the strip around the toothpick and secure with a little bit of tape.
5. Take your ribbon and cut a 3" strip.
6. Fold in half and cut a "V" through both ends at once to make a pennant shape.
7. Stick your toothpick in the center fold of the ribbon and glue.
Ta-da! You have a simple cute little pennant for your treats.
I made these brownies from the recipe in March's Food Network Magazine's chocolate issue. You can find them in their 50 Brownies special mini mag or online. They are toffee brownies.
And you can't have a treat party without a troll doll. I actually have two. But, the other one didn't bother to rsvp.


  1. This is TOO cute! And your blog looks amazing!

  2. What darling little flags! And those brownies look scrumptious. I was just about to make brownies myself; hope mine turn out that yummy looking!

  3. Thank you Stephanie! That means a lot!

    Thanks Sweet Posy. The food network brownie special was pretty interesting. Lots of different toppings.

  4. These are lovely! And your sweet troll doll speaks to the 8 yo in me. I wonder where my troll doll is???

  5. Thanks Leah. I just saw my troll doll sitting on my desk and thought hey why not. Hehe.

  6. These pennants are so cool looking!!! Ok, now I have to throw a party JUST to make these :) Well troll doll#2 missed out not showing up huh!!!