Monday, March 5, 2012

Blog redesigns all over the place!

My very talented wedding photographer friend Cari is starting up her very own wedding blog. And because I don't feel like I'm drowning in projects and my brain will explode (quite possibly the only way I am truly happy), I volunteered to take on her header design. I love doing this kind of work. I love to get my girly brush out and paint some pink all over the place, so a wedding blog design is right up my alley. Here's the logo I designed for her blog:
And I featured some of her lovely photos as well. You can visit her photography site at I'll let you know as soon as her blog is up and running.


  1. Oooh how lovely! Makes me want to renew my vows so I can have a blog just for it :)

  2. Lovely! Soft and so romantic. You are a clever cookie! xxx

  3. The little sneak peek above looks really great. Can't wait to see the final result when the blog launches. You could probably give Cari a few tips on blogging, as well. ;)

  4. Michelle, I've awarded you the Leibster award. You may have been given it before. Please don't feel pressured to pass it, just do it if you want to.
    -leah xxx

  5. Lol, I know Ada! I just have to think about how much work the wedding was!

    You're so sweet Leah! Thank you! Ada just gave me one too! You guys are so nice to me. I'll make a post about it soon.

    Aw thanks Theresa! I have been giving her some tips. She needs to look at your lovely blog though!