Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beautiful and simple budget holiday gift wrap

This year I decided to make our presents look as good as what's inside (truthfully I think the wrapping may be better than the dvd). So, I bought a bunch of 60% off ribbon and holiday floral sprays. Bring on the glitter!
Glue (anything you have)
Assorted Ribbons
Wrapping Paper
Floral Sprays
Gift Tags
Self-Adhesive Letters
I decided to start with a plain canvas so I used plain silver and gold wrapping paper for this. It shows off the decorations very well. But, it also shows every nook and cranny. I also used the traditional cheapie bows...well, for a little something traditional. I made my own gift tags so that everything would coordinate. The floral sprays are great to use for packages because they're very budget friendly and you get so much to use on packages. For these examples, I only used very little of the actual spray. Just glue them to a package underneath the ribbon.
I already had these great glitter letters. They come in a large pack which may cover your whole family if your first names don't all begin with the same letter (like David AND Dave)...Or use them for the first initial on a gift tag (that's my present with the M!).

Have your wrapped all your gifts yet? Only 6 days left! Happy wrapping!


  1. Gorgeous! I love a beautifully wrapped gifts. Truthfully, I most enjoy seeing all the presents wrapped and waiting for Christmas. That's more fun for me than opening them.

  2. Me too, I agree! I love seeing them around the tree.

  3. gorgeous michelle. i wonder what's in the pressies? they look so exciting! x

  4. Where did you get that gorgeous glittery dotted ribbon?!?!

  5. Your wrapping is so fun and beautiful! I wish I could be fun, but I don"t stray too far from the craft paper. Hm, I am thinking I could use some of your glitter elements to jazz up my wrapping. That's an idea.
    Sorry to read about your lost ornaments :( Your whole journey to purchase new ones had me chuckling.
    Say, your dad is one lucky dude. Those goodie baskets were awesome. (My dad is diabetic, too.) Hope he's mending well.

  6. Thanks Leah! I know what's in a few of them, but one of them is for me. :-) David wrapped it though!

    Rebecca-I got it from Michael's! 60% off in the Christmas ribbon section!

    Thanks inspiration! I love craft paper too. It would look very pretty with some extra sparklies. Hehe, that's ok, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was meant that way and not as a woe is me. :-) And he's doing pretty good! Apparently he was driving yesterday...umm....I don't know about that.

  7. Where's the one that says "Cari" ?????

  8. These are gorgeous! I am totally in awe of everyone's wrapping skills, or even interest in the process!I love the glitter letters SO MUCH!

    How did your dad like his basket? Good daughter!