Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Christmas decorations debacle

Saturday was the day we decided  to put up our Christmas decorations. We were determined, since we missed last year. The year before we had our Christmas tree up until June. Yes, June. We would hide it in the guest bedroom whenever anyone came over. 

We brought up our fakey tree and box of ornaments from the basement. Growing up, we always picked out a new ornament every year to add to the tree. I still do this every year. Some of the ornaments I have are at least 20 years old and very special to me. Well, guess what? The box was empty except for some cheapie glitter ornaments and a few balls. ALL of my ornaments are missing! Including the little frog with a crown I bought last year from Papyrus. And the black sheep I bought in memory of our dog Poco (I have no idea why that makes sense to me). We tore up the entire apartment looking for them. I still have no idea what could have happened and why I have some, but not the good ones.

So, we decided to go on a late night ornaments run to try to get something to put on the tree. To cheer me up, since I was feeling a little blue. The tree isn't all that Christmas is, but it's a special time to decorate the tree together. We went to 5 stores trying to find lights for the tree. Apparently, don't wait a week before Christmas to buy lights. Everyone was out. We found one of two sets at our last Target (the rest were pink). Michael's was cleaned out. Pier 1 had lots, but they weren't on sale. I can't restock a tree at regular price. Although, I did come out of there with an ornament I love. Walmart was a mad house. But, they had a few things. Despite the pains, I do think this is my favorite tree yet. 
It's a glitter fest! And I wouldn't have it any other way. David picked out these cherry red balls. I wasn't thrilled with them at first, but now I love them! They really pop off the tree. Our tree skirt is made with purple fabric left over from our wedding. We got the fun red and green bows from Walmart. 
This lovely swan comes from Pier 1.
Found some cute penguins at Target.
This is our official ornament of the year. It's a dachshund in honor of our little monster, Elroy. He comes from Z Gallerie. 
And this is kitschy corner. A collection of odd things, like a blue reindeer with a feather boa.  Somehow these did not go missing. 

How was your holiday decorating? Have you ever lost all your ornaments? Doesn't it seem like things go missing every year? 


  1. Oh no! I can't imagine losing all your ornaments. (I admit, I do have a few ugly ones that I wouldn't mind losing.) I hope they turn up. We also add to our collection every year. I usually get the children each an ornament every year. And we love Old World ornaments, so we buy those whenever we find a particularly good one.

    Your "instant" tree looks great! I particularly like the dachshund ornament!

  2. Our Michael's store was also cleaned OUT .. I wanted to add more people in our Christmass Village :( You tree came out very nice, I LOOOOOVE the penquin!!

  3. That's so weird! I hope you find them! My parent's pipes burst one year and they lost a ton of ornaments and my mom was so sad. : (

    The ornaments you bought look beautiful!

  4. Love your tree!! I think you're on to something keeping the tree up until June!

  5. Thanks Sweet Posy! I love the dachshund ornament. It's too cute.

    Thanks Ada! We got a pack of three penguins from Target. So, there's more to love! I didn't get to put my Christmas village up this year, it's at my mom's. Guess no after Christmas Christmas supply shopping!

    Stephanie, that's so sad! Our basement gets flooded. We were wondering if that happened, but no one remembers throwing anything away!

    Thanks Decor! This year I think we'll take it down mid-January! A little late (but not June late) since we put it up kinda late.

  6. I'm missing ornaments too. I was looking into getting a white tree for our dining room (got one, but it's too small...long story), and I had my dad look for my childhood ornaments to decorate it with. He thought he knew just where they were, but no luck. I'm hopeful that when someone (him) is not in a rush, they'll jump right out at him, but still. Major bummer. Maybe when you go looking for something distinctly summery like, oh, suitcases for a beach holiday, they'll show up. Your tree looks beautiful regardless.