Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our wedding venue-Hotel Zaza Dallas

There's a beautiful boutique hotel in Dallas called Hotel Zaza. It's very eclectic, but modern in its decor. This is where we chose to have our wedding. The people there are quite difficult and I wouldn't recommend giving them your business, but it sure is pretty to look at! Besides, our wedding turned out quite lovely, despite all their attempts to ruin it for us. David wants to go back and stay a night so we can actually enjoy the place. I think it might be nice.

We had our ceremony in their art gallery. Originally it was to be in their covered pool area called the Urban Oasis. But, they lied to us about it being closed. It was open and ready after all for use a couple of days before our wedding when we came by to visit. The reception was in the ballroom. The hotel is so gorgeous I just wish the people that worked there weren't a bunch of scumbags. :-) But, I think you'll find this kind of thing often when you're getting married. You just kind of have to let it go. I don't stew about it like I used to, but I do want to warn anyone who is thinking about having their wedding here.

One of the best things about out wedding was our photographer. She is so sweet and very talented. These are some of the shots her and her husband took of the location.

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