Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Design inspiration: Sea Fans

I recently fell in love with sea fans while perusing the August 2011 issue of Living. There's a great tutorial on working with sea fans. Find it here: Sea Fan How-To. This is a sconce how-to, but really once you get the gist of working with a sea fan, you can apply it to a number of possibilites. 

Since I'm on a design kick and starting with my home office, I found some pictures for inspiration. Will I use sea fans? I'm not sure yet, but I will definitely use them somewhere in my home. 

photo from Elle Decor

photo from House Beautiful

And of course Etsy sellers always have the greatest stuff.

photo from beautifuldetailswed

If you're asking, "What else can I do with sea fans?" Here's some ideas:
  • Stand upright and secure on a sturdy base for a sculpture
  • Put behind glass for instant framed artwork.
  • Use in a sea life/seashell 3D collage.
  • Place in a shadow box.
  • Place on top of a decorative box and seal.

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