Thursday, September 8, 2011

Modern dream offices

I'm thinking about ideas for making my office nice, cozy, efficient and a place I'd actually enjoy spending some time while I work. Yes, our couch is nice and soft and comes with a loving pup, but the t.v. remote is just too convenient. Starting out, as you have seen in a previous post, our office is monotone and already has some furniture. The desks are staying, the chairs are awful. So, I have to work around those desks. That is the challenge. There are a lot of windows too, which is great, but it provides little wall space. I've got to get creative. I need a space that encourages creativity, after all.

I found some great photos for inspiration. My office will never look like these, but I love the ideas they give me and the feeling they evoke.

Photos House to Home

Photo Decor Pad

Just look at all that storage space in those offices. That's envious. And I'm loving yellow with black or gray lately. What I find most interesting in the top and bottom photos is the mix of modern and Victorian. They blend so well together.