Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Home Office Makeover, Part 1

I turn 30 in 4 days. People were laid off at work today. I wish I could say I'm having a quarter life crisis, but I think I'm too old for that now. But, here's hoping to live until 120. But, if there are STILL no flying cars, then forget it.

My 30th birthday isn't going to be exactly what I had planned. First, it's going to be celebrated 2 weeks late. It's also not going to be celebrated at some exotic beach location with free-flowing coladas.

So, instead I think I'll use this year, not for the selfish splurging I intended, but to better myself. I've already started the exercising more regularly and eating better to make myself un-sick. I'm training for a 5k. I'm twirling around the idea of volunteering in my head. But for this post, organization! I'd prefer to start small and leave saving the world for later. First, tackling my home office. I share a nice and tiny sunroom with my husband. It's not much room, but I hope to make it a place where I no longer have to run away in fear a towering pile of paper crashing to the floor (or stepping on an X-acto knife, yikes...or digging beads out from my dogs mouth).

These are the before pictures. However, they are not truthful before pictures. My living room is now a mess of papers, but the desks are clean! And look, no more beads on the floor! I'll be showing my progress in this room and getting it organized. 

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