Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What I've been working on-new jewelry designs

Now it's time to brag about myself! I've been working hard on jewelry lately and getting ready for Christmas. Yes, I know Halloween was on Monday. I have some new designs that I've created that I'm so excited about! It's very loud in my jewelry room, there's been a lot of sawing. Here's a sneak peek of some new designs:
First, I am most excited about this pennant necklace. I hand cut these mini flags from sterling silver sheet, stamped them and oxidized the letters. I plan to offer these with 3, 4 and 5 flags. My inspiration came from all the pennant garland and little graphics I've been seeing a lot lately. I thought about how cute it would be to wear that around your neck. This will be available this week as soon as I finish editing pictures.

These are my constellation and astrological sign necklaces. My husband loves the stars. He was my inspiration for this necklace. He kind of got my into constellations. We even used them as place cards for our wedding. These circles are cut from sterling silver sheet and I have punched holes for the stars. Then, I lightly engraved lines connecting the stars and making the constellation. I stamped the name of the sign for this one, but I think it would be great to have a name instead.

If you're interested in some of my other designs you can find lots of other personalized and customized jewelry at Viva Revival on Etsy.


  1. I absolutely love all of your jewelry-- I've visited your shop a few times. :) I love both of these! Wonderful ideas!

  2. Thanks Chelsea! That's awesome. You just made my day. :-)

  3. Beautiful Michelle! I love the pennants!