Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Friday!

Yeah Friday! Not much going on right now. This weekend will be busy though. Tomorrow we're going to Starved Rock and Sunday we're going to help my mom prepare for her estate sale. 

In the coming weeks I'm planning a whole wedding series. I'll share with you my mostly DIY wedding. I'll have some other posts in between in case you're not a wedding fan. But, I'll show you how I made our simple centerpieces, fabric bouquets, etc. So, stay tuned.

Speaking of, I love DIY. I was planning on making a sunburst DIY mirror soon to show you guys, but guess what? I just found a great DIY. And here I thought I came up with such an original idea. I love sunburst mirrors so much, but they always cost a few hundred dollars. So, wondering if I should make my own, or just make this to put on my wall. It's pretty amazing...and best of all, cheap to make! Check out their lovely tutorial at Our Humble Abowed.


  1. It's so amazing there when the leaves are changing! I just hope we're not too early or too late.

  2. What is Starved Rock? It sounds interesting. I really like this DIY, and might have to try it for my guest room remodel.

  3. Thanks for your comments Ann! Starved Rock is a state park in illinois. It's really beautiful and they have waterfalls. You should check it out if you're in the area!

  4. I've been kicking around the idea of making a stunburst mirror too. They're so retro and fun.