Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Twitter, I'm trying, I really am...

I'm trying so hard to get into Twitter. I promise. But, I don't quite understand it and I don't feel like anyone is listening, just promoting. I feel like my words are falling in a black hole.

And those people who start to follow you, then drop you once you follow them, arrrrgh...I feel like I can trust no one. Haven't they heard of Friend or Follow? I use it just for those occassions. Not everyone had to follow me that I follow, but if you follow me out of the blue, then drop me once I follow you, then I will drop you too.

And then there's so much happening and I keep having to reload it and I'm so confused! It's overstimulating to my senses. I just want to connect with other people, not hock my products until your head explodes.

I'm not even very big into Facebook either. Is there a magic pill I can take where I will love Twitter? Please let me know your supplier. I'm good for it.


  1. I just can't get into the swing of it, either! Definitely haven't found it to be particularly helpful for my business yet... at all.. Let us know if it get's more exciting in tweet land ;)


    garden gnome arts

  2. Heh, I will. I guess it probably takes time to get the swing of it. But, I keep giving up.