Friday, September 30, 2011

Apple picking here I come!

We're saying hello to fall this weekend by going apple picking. I've never been! I'm so excited for some good apples. I made the mistake of buying bulk apple bags at the grocery store twice. One would think the apples would have been good since it was September! Both bags were all mealy, and that was from two different stores. I won't be doing that again, I've learned my lesson.

But, what I'm most excited about is the donuts. Someone gave me my first apple cider donut last week and I'm excited to try some really fresh ones. We're going to the drive-in movie afterwards (for a triple feature!), so we better be getting some donuts to eat in the car! If they are out someone will pay.

I'm quite sure this is what I'll look like while doing it:
Photo found on we heart it


  1. Be sure to eat the donuts warm -- that's the best!

  2. 1.5 dozen??? Still, I love cider donuts! Guess you do too!

  3. I know!! It wasn't my idea...My husband wanted to get so many. He gets me into so much trouble. But, he wanted to share them with friends at least.