Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Couples Halloween Party

We hosted a Halloween party for the first time this year. That means we had to start from scratch with decorations. And now I think we will probably be hosting from now that we've got the goods.
 This part was the most fun for me. I used a sparkly red decorators gel and just squeezed it out of the tube onto the rims. Let it dry and you can pour your drink over it without it smearing. I decorated the inside of the glasses, but the outside of the punch bowl. This stuff is sticky so I only did half of the glasses so guests wouldn't end up eating it.
This is my favorite section of our halloween party! We used cheesecloth dyed in tea to make my jewelry mannequin a mummy. And these cobwebs are fantastic. They are really improved upon them since I was a kid. This is just one long continuous piece. The chandelier I got from hobby lobby for everyday decor in the bedroom. And the branches are part of our winter decor.
 I found this snowman's tophat at Michael's and was inspired to give our pumpkin a dashing makeover. Just paint.
Got this little tree uber-discounted at Michael's.
We had to kind of decorate two rooms. Here's our mantle. These candlesticks I got from Pottery Barn years ago on clearance from their Halloween section. I still love them.
This mummy was inspired by a recipe in Phyllis Hoffman Celebrate which I found on Hostess with the Mostess. I used my own recipe creation for this using cream cheese, goat cheese and spinach. It was better than I thought it would be for a made-up recipe! It was great!


  1. These decorations are amazing! Such a good job!

  2. The webs are ghoulishly COOOOOOL! Happy Halloween!

  3. Your mummy mannequin and appetizer are so cute!! ;-)

  4. Thanks ladies! Happy Halloween to you all!