Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Citizen's Arrest

Well, sorta. We love our lake. Our lake is little ol' Lake Michigan. There's a park right by our apartment that we walk to most nights and sit on the rocks and just watch the waves. But, last Friday night, destiny happened.

I'll just tell you now. You mess with our lake and you're gonna get the boot. Or I'll make my husband call the police and I'll try to get him to run away with me.

Destiny was picking an unusual place to sit on the rocks that Friday night at 8 o'clock. And behold, a group of beer-drinking teenage boys hidden deep on the other side. I said, "Look hon, underage drinking!" And we giggled. Then one lit up a joint. Then one threw a beer bottle and smashed it on the rocks. Then another threw one in the lake. Then our blood starting boiling.

I felt the underage drinking was none of our business, that's for the parents. The joint bothered me because I'll move if you even light up a cigarette. I don't care to smell it. But, the broken beer bottles and the littering in the lake really set us off. So, we did something we never imagined we'd do-we called the police. It felt kind of silly at the time, but afterwards it was the biggest high! No pun intended.

The police asked us to stay there and against all my wishes we did. But, I'm glad we did because the park was getting busy and the boys decided to move further down the rocks. Who knew you couldn't drink, smoke pot and litter in private!? Then a few minutes later the police came. We told them everything we knew. Anyway, the police hopped the curb and raced through the grass to get to the edge of the rocks. It was AWESOME. I'm sorry to say I've never been much of a fan of the police due to an interaction with one I had years ago (you know and all those times I've been arrested since I'm such a rebel *snicker*---the anti-littering kind.) But, now I have an all new respect for them for racing across the park. They also took David's phone number and said they'd call and I thought that was pretty cool.

They immediately found those hoodlums with beers in hand. I wasn't hoping for an arrest, just a scare so they won't come back to our park and destroy it. And maybe a call to their parents and a grounding. So, we'll see. Still waiting for our phone call. Hint hint.


  1. Bad boys, bad boys
    whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do
    when they come for you...I have the Cops theme song stuck in my head now ;) Good for you to stick up for the lake! I hate littering too, it drives me mad when people just toss their garbage on the street or that people in our neighborhood use our front yard as their personal ashtray/dump.

    1. Haha yeah I do too now! :-) Ugh, yes ashtray/dump! Cigarettes are litter too.

  2. Littering gets me, too. And broken glass? Morons. Ok, not morons, just dumb kids being dumb. A little scare from the cops is a good thing. When I lived in Hyde Park years ago, my upstairs neighbor went out of town and his teenage son had a BIG party. When the young partygoers spilled out and began yelling on the sidewalk outside my window, I called the police and let them scare the bejeezus out of the kids. As soon as the blue light pulled up, I could hear the kids saying, "Oh, no! The cops!" and running back inside. It was wonderful. (I think I have a mean streak.)

    1. Haha I think I do too. I love the feeling of getting someone doing something wrong in trouble. I think it's because I'm too goody goody all the time.