Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gas masks and goggles

This is what I did this weekend, /\
I enameled until I thought my brain might explode. Birds, hearts, dots. And it is why I haven't came up with any DIY's lately. I'm just itching for a new project though. And I haven't finished my bedroom end tables. I think I will be doing that next weekend.

But, you should see me with my special respirator mask on. And goggles. Super cute. Snicker. I do this right in the sunroom which has 7 windows. I'm just waiting for someone to see me and police show up at my door to try to bust my "meth" lab. And then they find out I'm just making jewelry.

I was held up at my work space for 3 days straight. I figure I'm probably making -$1 per hour. I hammered, stamped, wire wrapped and enameled. But, now I have about 12 pairs of earrings. Right now I have 2 pairs in my shop and that'll never do.

So, how much to bring to a craft show? What is the magic number? My goal right now is 2 of everything. I'm having trouble getting one of everything at the moment. But, I still have almost 2 months left. I need to just breathe.

Anyway, here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on. Yes, birds. I just can't help myself.


  1. My business name is "We Three Birds" and I'm thinking that I might need a piece of your bird jewelry. : ) I love these little charms!

    And I try to bring 2 or 3 of everything to craft shows as well...that way when someone buys something you can immediately replenish your displays. : )

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Good, that's what I'm thinking. I'm also going to bring some stuff to work on at the show just in case. No enameling, but I can make ear wires and things.

  2. Nice job! They really are so well crafted! Kudos!