Monday, January 9, 2012

What I got for Christmas (part 1)- DIY digital picture frame

David got me a digital picture frame for our wedding pictures. He made it special with some little DIY additions! He's got my fever now! Muhaha!

First, he covered the frame with a dark metallic gray (my favorite color!) cardstock. Then he used a gel pen to write some of our favorite places, experiences and just things that are special to us (like the scary giant black crane from David's beach night wedding proposal in Florida). He also added some of the leaf ribbon we used on our wedding invitations as a border and attached a purple flower like the ones at our wedding.

This was probably the sweetest and most thoughtful gift he's ever given me (and he's very good at that!). He also picked out a cute little bird stand to put it on since he knows my love of birds. Thanks honeybear! You're the best husband I've ever had (even if I've only had one)! Love you!


  1. So thoughtful and beautiful - he's a keeper and I pray your only one. May you grow old together. Love you, Tia T

  2. How sweet! Thoughtful gifts are the best!

    And omg, B and I call each other "honeybear"!

  3. Oh my goodness, your husband is crafty?! Yea, he's a keeper ;) Hope your new year is off to a great start. I enjoyed reading your resolutions/goals for 2012. I'm wishing you continued success in your business. Go get it, girl!

  4. Thanks Tia T! :-) Oh definitely going to be my only one! Love you too!

    Chelsea-Hehe, David calls me honeybunny though!

    Haha inspiration! It's pretty good. Business is slow though, lol. Of course. But, I'm working on it!