Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pretty in Pink Valentine's inspired decorating

I love Valentine's Day. And not for the reasons you might think. It's not a chance for me to get flowers and candy. I just love the pinks and reds and a chance to go all out girly with a perfectly valid excuse. Here are some beautiful examples of some lovely pink and pastel Valentine's Day decorating.
I love the simplicity of this one (and it's a DIY to boot!). This spot would be great to change out seasonally. The pretty whites and pastels make this little corner relaxing and not screaming "Valentine's Day!"
All you need is a touch of pink, maybe even a little gray. No hearts or tiny naked cupids required.


  1. Love these finds. They are "valentines" but they are so well done that they really could be an all year style. Wonderful!

    Happy Tuesday - Brandi

  2. I love the hearts...but that lovebird piece over the fireplace is amazing! So cute!

  3. To be honest, I'd like to move into those photos. I love the colours.

    xo Jen

  4. keepingitindie-They really could! And I sure that couch definitely is year round, lol. I wonder what hubby would think of a pink couch?

    Stephanie-And they look like decals, I bet you could change them out seasonally!

    Thanks Heather and Sparkle! I would totally live in these places too. I have the decorating bug right now.

  5. I luv the string of hearts ... oooh so pretty!!!

  6. Hello, OMG that bed! I thought the hearts were great until I saw the bed!