Monday, October 24, 2011

Where's Elroy?

He blends in so nicely, like the "Where's Waldo" for dogs. But, I think Waldo already has a dog. Sorry, buddy. If only the bright blue leash didn't give you away. He looks so obedient doesn't he? Don't be fooled.

P.S. I will have some pictures from our trip to Starved Rock up later today. And stay tuned for  Week 2 of Wedding Week (yes, I know, thank you). This week will be some wedding DIY's!


  1. Great photos - loving the fall colors.

  2. Thanks! I took some pretty good ones at Starved Rock, not to toot my own horn. Gonna post those in a minute.

  3. Don't let him fool you! That's what he does! He is deceptive and diabolical. This is how he works...