Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I got presents!

I love getting packages in the mail. It is so exciting. It's like getting a present, even if I bought it myself. Which I did, I bought some new jewelry supplies. It sounds boring, but I'm so excited! You should see what $112.44 of sterling silver chain looks like! Not much...

I'm getting ready to add some great new additions to my jewelry line. I've been working furiously and crying furiously while sawing, molding, oxidizing, wrapping, cutting...

I plan on doing some new customized and hand-stamped jewelry as well, to compliment my current line on Etsy. Visit my shop for more handmade and personalized jewelry on Etsy.


  1. I think we totally deserve a present or two every once in awhile!!

  2. I looove the first picture. How gorgeous! :) cute blog, by the way!

    xo, Samantha