Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Things I have done this week that are bad for me:

1. Watched True Blood while eating dinner. (Yuck)
2. Ate the Shrimp and Bacon Club at Cheesecake Factory. (1,600 cals) Sure, I had half for    
    lunch the next day, but...Oh, and a Pina Colada. 
3. No flossing because it was my birthday. Don't tell my dentist.
4. Got 5 hours of sleep the night of my birthday and went to sleep at 3 AM. I am a hardcore
    Scattergories partier.
5. I haven't played one game of brain-strengthening Sudoku.

Please, children, don't follow my poor example.

1 comment:

  1. The 3AM night was not for lack of trying. We went to a friends' house in Elmhurst (bout a 45 min drive) for game night. Left there around 1, turned around at 1:30 cause someone forgot her purse ;) Restarted around 1:50. Decided to follow/call-in a really drunk driver to get his license plate which led us to drive almost into O'Hare (hope he wasn't picking anyone up...) Back on track at 2:10. Got home at 2:30. Ugh.