Sunday, September 25, 2011

The saga of the cup...

I think one of the hardest thing for couples getting married to agree on is the china. I had to fight a little for this one. There really wasn't a lot out there that 'spoke' to us. We wanted something to use for fancy occasions (which is rare) and for everyday. And I still got my great graphic motif. However, the hardest thing to find is a bright red placemat.

When we were looking for dishes, our sales lady wanted to show us how durable china is. So, she took a plate and slammed it down on the edge of the counter. And we jumped out of our skin. But, we were sold on china (yeah, it didn't break). 
From Denby

We even got the cute little teapot, even though I'm not sure how to use it. Fail.

But, the main part of this story is our saga of the cup. See that little mug right up there? That was the bane of our existence for 6 months. Here is our tale of woe:
1. Got our first place setting, broken mug.
2. Returned entire place setting to store just so we could get a new mug.
3. Took a few weeks to get another place setting in the mail.
4. Received place setting, mug broken again.
5. Returned to store with just mug and said, "Please please can we return just the mug!?!"
6. They took mug back and said we'd receive a new mug in 6 weeks.
7. Received a kiddie mug in the mail, returned to store.
8. Got new mug in the mail and UPS left a note everyday for 3 days.
9. New mug sent back to warehouse because we didn't sign the note.
10. Called store and told them we want our mug back.
11. Mug sent and arrived 2 weeks later and IT'S NOT BROKEN!!

Now we have complete place settings. I'm quite sure we will break the mug.


  1. What an interesting and unusual pattern. Love the teapot!! The shape is just perfect!

  2. Yeah, I'm not one for china china. It's gotta have something fun!