Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How-To Thank You Cards

This past weekend, David and I worked on our thank you cards. Finally. It's only been...six months...But, better late than never, I say! We wanted to put some time into it and make them similar to our invitations, without going back to the well. I designed and we made our invitations and boy was it a lot of work. I'll post pics of our invites soon. But, if you're looking for a cute and easy notecard or thank you card for friends and family here's what we came up with:

First all the supplies we used (all from Michael's since we were in a hurry to just get started):

1. Get some good gel pens. Anything else will look weak. These are from Walgreens since we realized we didn't have any...

2. Tweezers with a fine point.

3. Stamps. This was the closest to what we were looking for. Unfortunately we had to buy the whole sheet ($12.99! thank goodness for 40% off coupons) just to get some vines.

4. Make a line template. Then use a glass surface with a lamp under it if you don't have a light table. Otherwise your handwriting might slowly become crooked.

5. This was the cheapest stamp pad I could find at $2.49.

6. These flowers are awesome. They come in two sizes and sooo many colors! 

7. Cardstock in your preferred size. These are from Paper Source and are great quality.

8. No-wrinkle glue is important since you're gluing on paper. Wrinkles-not so elegant.

9. These are jewels that already have glue on them. In my experience, they never work. You'll probably need to add some glue to them anyway. 

First, use your makeshift light source or light table to write your note. Otherwise you may smear your stamp. We learned that the hard way.

Then stamp your design. If you're not using wood and rubber stamps, then find a household  surface to put your stamp on, if you didn't buy something at the store. It's so easy to find something, we just used a candle lid.

Put some glue dots down and use your tweezers to position your flowers. We flattened the cards over night when We were done with the flowers (and before applying jewels) under some books with parchment paper in-between (so the glue won't stick).

Then apply your jewels with extra glue. We used the same glue we used for the flowers. Take the jewel into your tweezers and dap in into a puddle of glue and then apply them to the flower. Dotting the glue directly onto the flower makes too big a mess. Then let dry!

We included a picture of us from our wedding and stamped the envelope as well. VoilĂ ! Hope this inspires you to make something great!


  1. These are gorgeous. Elegant but fun, too. Love these!

  2. Beautiful! I might just have to try my hand at making cards. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks Rita! It's pretty fun. I don't do them on a general basis, but once and a while it's kind of soothing. Until I spill the glue or something.

  4. Gorgeous and what a personal thank you card to send, I love it:):)

  5. What a beautiful thank you! I love the little flower detail. It adds so much.

  6. Thanks ladies! And thanks for stopping by!

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