Friday, September 23, 2011

The annoyances of the office

This week has been good. For some reason I'm optimistic and in a good mood. Maybe because it's Friday. I'm a graphic designer and I work in a cubicle...And there are fruit flies everywhere. (But, I just saw a guy dressed like he's going on safari with a spray bottle in his hand, yes!)

As much of a pessimist I can be at times, I can still be completely surprised by the audacity of some people. For instance, a woman at work this week floored me. At my work, the people who are not in the art department often give us criticism and they feel free to tell us that the work we are doing is "stale", even though they have no say in it whatsoever. Which, hey, if you've got something constructive to say or you've even given us even a compliments in the past, go for it. But, they don't ever tell us 'good job.' They just pick at our work, even though they have no experience.

So, a woman comes over this week to "commiserate with me", she says. She wants to tell me how ugly the latest cover is that I designed. She tells me that's not my fault. But, then she starts picking at the outlined photos (which I did) and tells me "I don't know why they have you do this kind of stuff. You're no Photoshop expert." Well, you know what!? I kind of am. And all I could say was, "Yes, I am." As she continues to talk over me to tell me how awful it is. What do you do when someone insults your skills? It happens so often at work and I haven't mastered the technique of defending myself quite yet.

So, I "commiserated" with my boss and she was so pissed. The woman came over to my boss later that day to tell her how ugly the cover is. And my boss said, "You need to get over it." Hehehe.

Anyway, the moral of the story is...Work is really annoying sometimes.

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  1. I'm getting annoyed on your behalf! What a jerk. That's the great part about working from home -- no coworkers stopping by. The bad part about being a freelancer,at least for me these days -- no paycheck! Hope your weekend is relaxing!